When is enough, enough?

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June 15, 2014 by falcon7204

By some accounts, there are between 600 and 5,000 American citizens still in Iraq, threatened by the advance of Islamists on Baghdad. The carrier USS George H. W. Bush has been moved into position in the Persian Gulf by SecDef Hagel, “in case” it should be needed to provide support “in case of” an evacuation.

Meanwhile, our President is golfing this weekend.

“In case?” Would we not begin evacuating our people PDQ? Is this even a question? When did it become acceptable to sacrifice American non-combatants in favor of “intense diplomacy”?

Iraq just bought 36 F-16 jets from this government. Is it acceptable to take their money, yet not offer support and protection from 7th Century zealots bent on world domination?

I’m remembering the line from Heath Ledger’s Joker in “The Dark Knight” – “What happened, did your balls drop off?”

It appears that we’re on our own. Our President has essentially abdicated the really tough parts of being President in favor of vacationing, partying, and fundraising. His Cabinet members are either clueless or corrupt, or both. His assistants are PoliSci majors without a clue as to how the real world works. And his enemies appear to be the American people, and not the Islamists who want to destroy us.

You former military members out there, it’s time to come up with a plan. How can our military sit back and watch our civilians be massacred in the name of political correctness? How can we, as Americans, watch as our President (who used the “we leave no man behind” excuse for Bowe Berghdal, but wouldn’t rescue our staff in Benghazi) play 72 holes of golf while our people in Iraq are threatened with capture or execution? And let us not forget, many of those Americans are contractors with defense industry leaders and they possess many trade and military secrets that Al-Qaeda would love to get their hands on.

Mr. President, you’re a running joke. Pentagon, you’re worthless. Military members, you men and women who swore an oath to “preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution” and, by Constitutional decree, are duty-bound to protect our nation and its people – get off the stick and start doing your job, chain of command be damned.


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