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October 19, 2013 by falcon7204

That’s a new word I discovered on Twitter the other day. It’s an amalgam of “screwed” and “doomed,” which we as a nation most certainly are. I don’t know who posted the tweet that contained this new word, but I extend to him or her my heartiest congratulations for the addition of another word to the lexicon of misery. And hopes that I won’t get sued for using it without attribution.

Seriously, when I turn around these days it’s hard not to be saddened, depressed, angered, frightened, even terrified by the things I see happening. The so-called President of the United States using terms like “terrorists,” “ransom,” “hostage,” in connection with the drawn-out non-negotiations over the debt ceiling and the Continuing Resolution (which has apparently taken the place of the Constitutionally-mandated budget). I see progressives pushing the Common Core curriculum, which not only requires students to solve math problems in this fashion but also requires students to to work in teams to solve problems like this.

I see stories about NSA data collection. I read about the Obamacare rollout train wreck, and how it is really a deliberate attempt to accelerate the nation’s downward spiral toward single-payer. Syria. Benghazi. Fast and Furious. IRS. McCain and Graham and amnesty for illegal aliens. Miley Cyrus.

Even the attempted Chick-Fil-A boycott last spring.

I look at all these things, and I look at the fact that the propagandists (otherwise referred to as the mainstream media) not only lift Obama to near-Messianic heights but flat-out lie about conservatives, calling them everything from “bomb-throwers” to “domestic enemies” (according to Democratic Congressman Steve Cohen of Tennessee). And so-called “conservatives” like New York Representative Peter King work to stab fellow conservatives like Texas Senator Ted Cruz in the back for their principled stand against out-of-control government spending, Obamacare, and the ever-widening tentacles of government control.

Is this what George Orwell had in mind when he wrote 1984? I have to think that events like those of the last few months would never have intruded into his wildest dreams, and even Ayn Rand would be shocked and dismayed by the level of outright evil being exhibited by those in government. And she had the example of the Nazis and Soviets to use (partly) as the basis for Atlas Shrugged.

All I can do – all any of us can do right now – is turn to Jesus and keep or start praying. And, mind you, I’m not a religious person. I’m a Christian, committed to follow Christ, but I don’t attend church. I’ve seen the demagoguery, the backstabbing, the outright lying that happens in church surroundings, and I want no part of that. But I do believe fervently in the power of prayer, and I believe that even with faith the size of a mustard seed that we can all see miracles happen.

And turning this nation around will certainly require a miracle.

I hold no illusions that the United States of America will ever be as it once was, and frankly, even that was an illusion foisted upon us by our “leaders” and those who wrote history books. And I know that, to get it where it needs to be, there will be struggle, hardship, and perhaps even bloodshed. I pray it never comes to that – I pray we’re all smarter than that, and I believe the Lord would not have us respond to force with force.

But we still need to pray. And we need to pray that those whose eyes are closed (or blinded) to the way things need to be will have their eyes opened. It’s already happening for a lot of people who are able to see what their new premiums will be under Obamacare.

I truly believe that a vast majority of Americans still believe in what this nation is capable of, despite evidence to the contrary. I believe that a vast majority of Americans still believe that this is an exceptional country, as Ronald Reagan called it the “shining city on a hill.” And even if that image was, to a large extent, manufactured to make Americans feel better in the years after World War Two, I still believe in the red, white and blue. I believe in truth, justice, and the American way, and I believe most other Americans do, too.

I pray that’s true. If it’s not, then we are well and truly scroomed.

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