A supervillain in our midst

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August 30, 2013 by falcon7204

Don’t look now, but there’s a real live supervillain running around, causing havoc and threatening the very lives of the good people of this nation. He’s a lot like Lex Luthor in that he’s got a lot of money (ours) backing him up, he’s almost bald, he is an unchallenged orator (when he has his teleprompter) and he’s the President.

Yes, that supervillain is Barack Obama.

It takes a megalomaniacal mind to become a supervillain, as well as a narcissistic one. The President has both. It’s been written by greater minds than mine that he is narcissistic (although, let’s be fair, I have yet to find one article written by a true mental health professional that diagnoses the President with narcissistic personality disorder), and it’s hard to ignore the evidence – for example, saying “I” when past Presidents have referred to “this administration.” He also appears to be megalomaniacal – witness his numbers of Executive Orders that have been issued since his first term began in 2009, and these statements – “I am constrained, … , by a system that our Founders put in place” (which one could read as, “I wish my hands weren’t tied by that pesky Constitution”), and “I won” (from back in 2009 when the second stimulus package was being debated – Obama left no doubt how he expected Republicans to proceed with the debate on the bill). Those are just two quoted examples.

Granted, he doesn’t have a mechanical super-suit to wear, as Luthor did against Superman, nor does he have a stash of Kryptonite (which would [a] be useless against us mere mortals, and [b] is fictional). But he did have a lot of financial help getting elected President, just as Luthor did in the comics. And as in the comics, a lot of that funding never got a lot of scrutiny by the mainstream media. There is also still a lot of money propping him up – most of it comes out of our pockets, but there is still some funding that comes from outside sources and is funneled through the Organizing for Action political action committee, which never disbanded (but was renamed from “Organizing for America”) after Obama’s 2012 re-election.

And I don’t think there is a lot of disagreement over the fact that Obama is intelligent. Is he a super-genius in the vein of Lex Luthor, or a super-genius in the vein of Wile E. Coyote? Time may tell – there have been some missteps and gaffes that suggest perhaps the President isn’t as smart as most in the media would have you believe, yet he is still President and somehow he has avoided impeachment (but only because Congress has not lifted a finger to do so). He is also an avowed Alinskyite and certainly knows how to distract Americans from the next crisis that approaches. And if there’s anything Americans appear to like, it’s distraction.

Clearly, the current President fits all of the definitions of a supervillain. But this isn’t a comic book, and there’s no such thing as a supervillain…


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