The problem with Tim Tebow

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April 7, 2013 by falcon7204

I happened on a headline this morning that said Tim Tebow, the former Denver Broncos and New York Jets quarterback, is not on the Seattle Seahawks’ radar in terms of trades. According to an article in the Washington Examiner, the Seahawks want to replace former backup quarterback Matt Flynn, who went to the Oakland Raiders, but they don’t want to consider Tebow.

Tebow, as I’m sure we’re all aware, is a Christian who tends to anger a lot of people because of his public exhibitions of his faith. Don’t get me wrong, I am a big Tim Tebow fan. He may not be the most athletic quarterback, and he has this funky left-handed delivery, but he loves the sport and he loves the Lord, not in that order. And the Left has constantly vilified him, ever since his days at the University of Florida when he would wear Bible verses on his eye-black. The Left hates Christianity, pure and simple, and they found a big target for their hatred in Tebow. Never mind the fact that he helped the Broncos win their last seven regular season games in 2011 … Broncos management bowed to public pressure and traded him to the Jets in the 2011 off-season. And even though he’s a better quarterback than Mark Sanchez, he was rarely used in 2012. Worse, it seemed as though the Jets never tried to weave him into their system, because the times he did play he seemed out of rhythm.

And then there’s Brendan Ayanbadejo. The former Baltimore Ravens linebacker says there are as many as four NFL players who are ready to come out of the closet. Ayanbadejo told’s Greg Rosenthal that it would be a “monumental” day if the four players came out together.

The constant promotion by the Left of the gay lifestyle continues to amaze, shock, sadden, and anger me. This truly is a “tyranny of the minority.” According to studies, between 73 and 76% of the population of the United States claims to be practicing Christians. Another study suggests that only 1.7% of the population of the US is gay. So, why are we letting a small group of people (and their enablers) try and tell three-fourths of the nation not only to accept and embrace homosexuality, but also to promote it? This article on Newsbusters about an MSNBC anchor using her daughter as a shill for the gay lifestyle says all you need to know about the dangers of letting this go  on unchecked.

Why is it people in this country celebrate, encourage, and even promote the gay lifestyle while someone like Tim Tebow, who by all accounts is a pretty good guy, is vilified for his faith?

Jesus taught us in the New Testament to “turn the other cheek.” In other words, don’t be quick to retaliate against an attack. But (and this is my opinion only) I don’t think He meant to allow others to attack with impunity. Even He fought the money-changers in the temple. It’s one thing to be slow to anger, and to be thoughtful and considerate, but it’s another thing to let people walk all over you.

And I think that’s one of the problems with Tim Tebow. He goes merrily along, allowing others to attack and sully his name and keep him from playing the sport he loves, all the while seeming to ignore the attacks or shrug his shoulders and say, “Whaddya gonna do?” And the problem with Tim Tebow is that he reflects the attitudes of much of Christian America – don’t fight back, don’t bring yourself down to “their” level, etc.

I would like to think that even God would permit a person to defend themselves against an attack. And we are truly under attack from the anti-life Left.

It’s time to fight back.

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