Keep breathing, destroy the Earth


February 2, 2013 by falcon7204

Okay, this headline may be a little far out there, but there’s a reason. I stumbled upon an article on the Fox News website regarding a new Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report that admits that, yes, the sun’s heat might actually have an impact on climate on Earth. (Here’s the article; here’s the leaked draft report.)

What interested me was not so much the report, or the “duh!” response that the Fox News headline inspired in me (“Report shows UN admitting solar activity may play significant role in global warming”), but one of the comments within the article. This comes from Aaron Huertas of the Union of Concerned Scientists:

“I see climate contrarians try this trick almost every time a big new solar study comes out. They somehow tend to neglect mentioning that solar variation is smaller than the heat-trapping power of carbon dioxide,”

The “heat-trapping power” of carbon dioxide. I remember studying in biology class that CO2 was a major component of something called life. Without CO2, trees and other plants that require it would die. Plants produce oxygen. Guess what? Without oxygen, most other life forms on earth would die. And, yes, CO2 traps heat. Without the ability to do that, this Earth would be as cold and lifeless as the Moon.

In addition to that, there is conflicting data on whether global temperatures are actually increasing as much as some scientists claim they are. And there are conflicting opinions on whether the data is being manufactured or manipulated, or whether the data is genuine and points to troubling climatological trends.

In any event, we constantly hear proponents of green energy and global warming apologists claim that we need to reduce the amount of CO2 being produced. Which brings me back to my headline. As I recall, again from biology class, Earth-based life forms exhale CO2 as part of the respiration process. Of those life forms, approximately seven billion of them comprise the family known as homo sapiens, or humanity. One could draw the conclusion that these esteemed scientists and politicians who clamor for less CO2 in our atmosphere might be subtly suggesting that fewer humans would mean less CO2.

In other words, some of us would have to die. Large numbers of some of us, in fact.

This ties into my belief that the left end of the political spectrum is, in fact, anti-life. I believe that, if you look at some of the things they support (late-term abortions, just to name one), one might logically conclude that the left ultimately wants nothing more or less than the end of life on Earth. Ironically, of course, they don’t include themselves in that desire.

I could get into all sorts of Biblical evidence that points this out, but I believe that the best way to thwart the Left’s plans for this planet is to keep breathing. Breathe a lot, in fact. Go run a mile, work in your yard, lift some weights, play with your kids. Those are all things the Left despises (unless it’s in their vested self-interest, of course), and I believe simply living your life is the best counter-attack.

So, keep breathing. No, it won’t destroy the planet. But it’ll piss off a Leftist. And in my mind, that’s worth every breath.

One thought on “Keep breathing, destroy the Earth

  1. pflead73 says:

    Half of the world’s global warming is caused by my roommate’s HP laptop 😀

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