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November 10, 2012 by falcon7204

So, here we are, four days after a Presidential election that I can only say was the most disappointing in my lifetime (at least of the ones in which I’ve voted, and I’ve voted in every Presidential election since Reagan). Watching the returns come in on Tuesday night – and watching the “pundits” at Fox News call just about every early state for Obama – was like watching a train wreck in slow motion. I went to bed that night feeling physically sick to my stomach, and after reading other blogs and Twitter entries I can say that I’m not alone.

But the next day, the sun came up.

I have to take comfort in John 14:1, when Jesus said, “Let  not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me.” This election was not a watershed moment, like the 2008 election; I truly believe that everyone who voted for Obama knew what they were getting based on the last four years, and they were OK with that. And that worries me more than the thought of what he could do in his second term. I pray that he truly is being honest and forthright when he says he will work with Republicans; the last four years would seem to indicate otherwise, but I’m not going to spend every day of the next four years worrying about what’s going to happen.

I’ve got a life to live.

I think back on this nation and how it has changed over the last, oh, 45 years or so that I can reliably remember, and in doing so I have to say that I’m not entirely surprised we’ve come to this. But regardless of the meme of the day, or the news out of Washington, or how people feel about one candidate or another, the one thing that hasn’t changed is that we all have to live.

There are still a lot of things that make me happy. When I see the sun rise. When I see the face of my loving wife, my daughters, and my grandchildren. When one of my cats crawls up on my lap in the evening just to say hi. When I hear a favorite song. Even when I do the mundane chores around the house, or wind up as a taxi service or doing some other sort of task for my family that I know good and well they’re capable of doing themselves. Even when I go to work, in the face of the possibility of massive layoffs. My truck. My abilities. Trying to model a USS Enterprise bridge in Blender (Google it, I’m not going to describe it here)…and starting over for the umpteenth time.

And then there’s this: If this is true – and (sarcasm alert) it’s the Associated Press, why wouldn’t it be? (sarcasm alert ends) – then I find a new reason to be hopeful of humanity, and that we can rise above.

John 14:1.

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