Rules of Engagement

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September 16, 2012 by falcon7204

The recent wave of violence against our Middle Eastern embassies and consulates has led me to this inescapable conclusion:

Our military is being ordered to play this like it’s a football game. The other guys are killing Americans.

What part of “defend this country” don’t these idiots understand?

For years, since the Vietnam War at least, our nation’s “rules of engagement” have been to simply achieve the objective, and do so with minimal loss of life on either side. While it’s commendable that the Pentagon wants to limit casualties, it’s inconceivable that they can do that and obtain the objective. Many times the objective is watered down.

If it comes to home self-defense, and I have a gun, any intruder is leaving my house on a stretcher, preferably with a sheet over his face. There is no “shoot to wound.”

So, what is the objective in the Middle East? Does anyone really know? What is our administration’s foreign policy? I believe it can be summed up best by the quote from Constance Spano (Margaret Colin) in Independence Day, when she famously said, “Our official position is we have no official position.”

Is Obama truly that incompetent, or is he aiding and comforting the enemy in the Middle East (and make no mistake, if someone wants to destroy me, he’s my enemy)? Readers might make note of the wording of the charge of treason, which includes the words “aid” and “comfort.” But I digress.

The attacks on the embassies and consulates in Benghazi, Cairo, and other locations by Muslims (calling them “radical” Muslims seems a bit redundant) should have been met with a withering, destructive response. Those facilities are American soil. Yet, we get a weak response from the President stating that the “killers” will be “brought to justice.”

I’ll hold my breath on that one. Wait, no, I won’t.

If our C-in-C finds himself unwilling or incapable of giving the order to retaliate, he should be removed as C-in-C. And if our military obeys the lack of such an order, they are as complicit.

Again: What part of “self-defense” don’t these people understand? “Killers?” These people attacked the United States of America. Their actions, by definition, are an act of war.

Many Air Force leaders, when commenting on the overwhelming capabilities of the F-22 Raptor, said they didn’t want to win a war by 50-49. They wanted to win 100-0. I suppose this only applies to air battles, because it appears that ground battles must only be fought to a literal draw, if they’re fought at all. Why don’t our commanders of infantry and armored forces echo the same sentiment? Why don’t our military leaders want anything other than the destruction of the enemy? Why let an enemy back up off the mat to attack you again?

This was the problem I always had with Superman. He’d put Lex Luthor in jail, Luthor would break out, find some more Kryptonite, and do the whole stupid thing all over again. Superman should have stuck him in a block of ice forever. But there was that whole oath-to-not-kill thing. Yawn.

Our military men and women took an oath to protect this nation and its Constitution. They didn’t take an oath to never kill, a la Superman. If self-defense is indicated, such a response should be overwhelming. Hit us, and we hit you back – hard.

But that won’t happen under this current C-in-C. Our men and women in uniform are cannon fodder. They die while he campaigns.

If you have any connection at all to anyone currently serving in our Armed Forces, you must vote this guy out of office.

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