They just don’t get it

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August 3, 2012 by falcon7204

The recent kerfluffle about Chick-Fil-A CEO Dan Cathy’s remarks regarding the traditional definition of marriage shows, once again, that the Left just doesn’t get it…nor do they want to.

And, for the record, despite what all of the mainstream media “news” outlets say about Cathy’s “anti-gay marriage” stance, if you look closely at the transcript of his interview he said nothing of the sort. This kind of blatant mis-reporting is rampant in today’s “news” media, and it really steams my shorts. But, I digress…

Everything I’ve read, every news report I’ve seen, seemed to indicate that Wednesday’s (8/1/12) “Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day” (as declared by former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee) was about supporting the “traditional definition of marriage.” Many news reports I saw locally described those who went to lunch and dinner that day as “religious conservatives.”

I just love how they make up stuff to fit their narrative. Even KDFW/Channel 4, the local Fox affiliate in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, fell into the trap – and I consider them the most “conservative” news outlet in the market by far (although these days, that ain’t sayin’ much).

As my headline indicates, they just don’t get it.

They don’t get that this appreciation day was actually in response to the comments by the mayors of Chicago, Boston, and San Francisco (and probably many others – most didn’t make the national news) who said Cathy’s corporation was not welcome in those cities because of the beliefs he holds.

We don’t like what you believe, in other words, so we’re shutting you down.

First Amendment be damned.

Got news for you, all you “news” reporters out there – the Wednesday records set by Chick-Fil-A were not because its customers don’t like gay marriage. It was because they don’t like having free speech – anybody’sfree speech – shut down or used against them.

I have had gay friends in the past. I have (and continue to) work with gay people. I have no problem with them personally. And I hope they have no problem with me. They don’t try and shove their lifestyle in my face, and I don’t with mine, either. Some private things have to stay private, after all. But I am not a supporter of the gay lifestyle. With my friends and co-workers, that’s OK, too. They don’t necessarily support mine, but then again, they believe that “to each his own” and they have no right or responsibility to judge – just as I have no right to judge them. That’s left for the Lord to do. And they believe, as I do, that the First Amendment is sacrosanct. They get it. The gay lobby and the news media (actually one and the same, for the most part) don’t, and won’t, because it interferes with the narrative.

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