UN stumbles on arms treaty, nobody offers to help it up UPDATE: Treaty appears dead, for now

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July 28, 2012 by falcon7204

According to this article on the Fox News website, the United Nations is having trouble getting its arms treaty passed – the arms treaty that a bipartisan group of 51 U. S. Senators has said it will oppose if it ever comes to a vote in the Senate.

This might seem on the surface to be good news for Americans who care about the sanctity of the Second Amendment, but it’s not worth celebrating just yet. The committee is still working on it, and as the conference chairman claimed, “[W]e certainly are going to have a treaty in 2012.”

Here’s what gets me, though. If British Deputy Foreign Minister Nick Clegg is to be believed, this treaty is supposed to take weapons like guns and grenades out of the hands of those who shouldn’t have them in the first place. Here’s the money quote:

1,000 people are killed daily by small arms wielded by terrorists, insurgents and criminal gangs.

Oooookay…so let me get this straight. The UN is pushing a treaty designed to take guns out of the hands of people who thumb their noses at laws and civilization in general? People who would otherwise (and/or should be) be dead or behind bars if law enforcement were allowed to do its job? People who, in some cases, are actually on the payrolls of certain governments (I’m looking at you, Iran)?
Right. Let me know how that works for you.
The Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States is the main reason why we don’t have a huge problem with terrorists in this country. It’s the primary reason why there has been no real “insurgency” since the first shot was fired at Breed’s Hill in 1775. And while the text of the treaty being considered by the UN makes it clear that each member nation has to take care of its own business when it comes to gun laws, Article 9 states:
Each State Party shall adopt appropriate legislative, administrative or other measures to regulate, where necessary and feasible, conventional arms covered by this Treaty that transit or transship through its territory.
So if the United States Senate approves this treaty, which President Obama is almost sure to sign if it’s approved by the UN, under article 9 the Congress of the United States will be required by the treaty to pass legislation that is in direct violation of Amendment 2 of the Constitution of the United States.
Does this sound like a good idea to anybody? Anybody? Bueller?
The entire text of the treaty was posted on the International Association for the Protection of Civilian Arms Rights website for all to see. It appears that, in addition to American opposition, there is considerable international concern about the overreaching power grab exhibited within this document.
Contact your Senator. Make it clear to them that, if they’re even considering voting in favor of ratification of this treaty (if it ever passes, and let’s all pray to God it doesn’t), that you’ll put them on the next airliner home come the end of their term. And then call your Congressman and demand that the U. S. defund the United Nations. This is no longer an “alliance,” it’s a totalitarian globalist society, and it needs to be destroyed.
UPDATE: On July 30, the treaty was apparently pronounced dead, at least according to this article from CBS News.

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