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July 20, 2012 by falcon7204

I am sick to death about the horrible tragedy in Aurora, Colorado, early this morning. My heart and prayers go out to the families of the dead, and those who were wounded by the madman, and indeed all of those who were affected by this incredibly insane act. I have a couple of things to say about what has happened in the aftermath.

First, Brian Ross of ABC News should immediately be fired, and the people representing Tea Party member James Holmes should immediately sue Disney for every penny they are worth, and then some. Show. Them. No. Mercy. There is no excuse for Ross’ irresponsible reporting (if you can call it that) and there should be a stiff penalty. Mr. Holmes (not the shooter) has apparently been receiving death threats because of Ross’ partisan attack on both him and the Tea Party, and it’s possible that Mr. Holmes’ life will be irrevocably damaged because of it. Ross has apologized on his Twitter account, but there has been no such apology forthcoming on the air, even though he acknowledged the “mistake.” In viewing the video (located here), the admission of the “mistake” was very quickly glossed over.

(I also believe ABC News should be dismantled as a news operation, because it – like the other alphabet networks – have become propaganda instruments of the current “administration.” The 21st Century has no further need for such a dinosaur.)

Second point: It was perhaps predictable that leftist commentators would renew their call for stricter gun laws in the wake of this tragedy. In fact, as one Time reporter (Michael Grunwald) admitted, “[T]here is nothing wrong with politicizing tragedy.” (See the Newsbusters article here.) This is reprehensible in the extreme, and cheapens the memory of those who died. And it ignores reality; we’ve heard it all before, and it’s a trite clichè, but “when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.” People who want to commit mayhem will find ways to obtain weapons, and there are plenty of shady characters out there who profit off the misery of others. Reports indicate that Holmes (the 24-year-old alleged shooter) purchased his guns and ammunition legally, but if he had been denied the right to do so he could have found other ways to kill and maim. Remember Timothy McVeigh; he bombed a Federal courthouse in Oklahoma city using easily obtainable ingredients from any farm and ranch supply store and a rental truck. So taking away Holmes’ guns or legal access to guns would have made no difference once he made up his mind to kill.

The act scares, disturbs, and saddens me. The reaction to it (especially from the left, but from most in general) disgusts me. People died this morning. Let us not sully their memories or add to the grief of their families by debating guns or making baseless accusations.

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