Who’s the more foolish, the fool, or the fool who follows him?

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May 5, 2012 by falcon7204

The “Occupy” movement believes that American society is inherently unfair, and it’s their job to call attention to it by causing mayhem and destruction to private property.

That is so three years old.

Their biggest complaint is that companies and “the rich” make too much money on the backs of the middle class, and “the 99%” deserve their cut. They do this while texting on their iPhones, wearing their Nikes and American Eagle, or surfing on their iPads.

Irony is lost on these folks.

If the big beef is against big companies, here’s a better way to take them down – buy from someone else.

But they don’t want economic equality, or even economic fairness, they simply want, as Alfred stated in “The Dark Knight,” to “watch the world burn.”

One of the movement’s biggest backers is organized labor. Organized labor purports to stand up for the rights of the middle class, but it’s hard to see how when union leadership drives cars that cost more than the average union worker’s salary, or live in houses that are monuments to excess. Labor uses the Occupy movement as its “useful idiots” to accomplish its goal of strangling business.

Hypocricy is apparently also lost on these people. Or perhaps it isn’t. By pretending to be on the side of fools, it’s easier to use the fools to their purposes.

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