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May 31, 2011 by falcon7204

I just read a term that almost perfectly describes the current crop of leftist, Socialist politicians, bureaucrats, bloggers, and so-called journalists.


Sounds like an alien species of extraterrestrials, doesn’t it? But to me it clearly describes those who have been co-opted by billionaire hedge-fund owner George Soros. In a report by the Media Research Center’s Dan Gainor, Soros has spent almost $50 million attempting to take control of the American media (not that it needed much help – it was already pretty liberal). You can find the report here.

It’s amazing to me that there is still a sizable segment of the population that gets its news from what is called the mainstream media. And it is that segment Soros wants to co-opt. So the term Sorosians could also apply to them.

Don’t be a Sorosian! Think independently, and don’t let the MSM dictate how you think.

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