My brain hurts

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May 16, 2011 by falcon7204

(With apologies to Monty Python.)

My brain hurts from having to keep up with the absurdities with which we’re being peppered daily. The latest is the Indiana Supreme Court ruling that basically tosses the 4th Amendment out the window and prevents law-abiding citizens from protecting themselves against unlawful police entry. (See for the ruling and dissenting opinions.) Who in their right mind would believe something like this is a good thing? Other than liberals, of course, who are not in their right mind.

Then there’s the ongoing struggle to put gas in the tank without taking out a loan, which is a lot harder now that the banks have tightened credit. The other day it cost me over $60 to fill up my tank. At 17 MPG, that happens fairly often. And no, Mr. “President,” if I can’t afford to gas up my vehicle I darn sure can’t afford $47,000 for a Government Motors Chevrolet Volt. Let them eat cake, indeed.

And if the tornado-stricken areas of Alabama and Mississippi can be declared disaster areas (as well they should), why can’t the flood ravaged areas of Tennessee or the parts of Texas devastated by fire receive the same designation? An area the size of Rhode Island and Delaware combined is blackened, and PBHO jokes about alligator moats on the border.

There are more examples of absurdity than I can list, and just being confronted with them makes my brain hurt. A part of me kind of hopes the doomsday prediction that the world will end on May 21 comes true.

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