Merry Christmas!

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December 16, 2010 by falcon7204

I read this on the American Spectator website today. I thought it was interesting in a snarky sort of way.

“To all indignant unhappy unbelievers I have only one thing to offer you in this holiday season from my favorite bumper sticker:

‘Jesus Loves You – Whether You Like It Or Not’

So Merry Christmas to all Christians and a Happy Hanukkah to all Jews and know that all true Christians love all true Jews and are appreciative of you.

And if I was as sure as you atheists are I would just keep my mouth shut and snicker on the inside as you see we foolish and unenlightened Christians and Jews going about our supposed foolishness and be merrily amused by it all, rather than being so hostile and unhappy.

Any chance the person you are really trying to convince is yourself?”

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