A minor epiphany, or the cart is where it belongs now

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November 21, 2010 by falcon7204

I had a thought the other day (and it scared the heck out of me, but that’s a subject for another time), wherein I was thinking about people asking God to “be with us” in our times of need (and current circumstances certainly qualify).

But wouldn’t it make more sense for us to be with God? Doesn’t asking God to be with us presuppose that we’re the principal in this dynamic, and that God is simply “support?” Wouldn’t it be more reasonable to assume that God is our leader and our protector, as well as our support and shield, and thus wouldn’t it make more sense for us to jump on God’s coattails, not the other way around?

Imagine you’re in a cab and your cabbie is blind. You could take the wheel and direct yourself where you needed to go, but you can’t because there’s a plexiglas sheild between you and the front seat. Now, imagine you’re the blind passenger and God is your driver. You so want to take the wheel because you think you can drive better, but you’re blind because of your inability to see God for what he is. The co-pilot is Jesus, who so wants to open the plexiglas shield between you and God, but you won’t ask him to do so because of your pride and stubbornness.

That’s where we find ourselves these days. Do we shut up and let God drive, or continue to ask him to sit in the back seat while we careen through life blindly, without direction? For me, I’m gonna shut up and ride. God’s got everything under control.

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