Things are getting truly unhinged

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November 13, 2010 by falcon7204

A couple of stories on Fox News’ website caught my eye this morning. The headlines read, “Chicago High School Uses ‘Straight Pride’ Shirts for Rights Education” and “School Reverses Course After Ordering Student to Remove American Flag From Bike” (click on the titles to read the articles). These stories just cement my belief that the world we’re living in today has turned topsy-turvy. In the first story, students wear “Straight Pride” shirts to protest the attention being given the LGBT community in that school (and thanks to the First Amendment they have every right to do so) and “educators” made the kids either wear sweatshirts over them or blacken out the Bible verse that was printed on some of them. And the school’s spokesperson saw it as a teachable moment about rights, opinions, and responsibility. Okay, I get it – if you say something someone else doesn’t like, you’re responsible for what happens next. But for the liberals, that only appears to work one way, because when they say something about conservatives that we don’t like, we’re told to get over it. When the gay students at this Chicago high school started saying things that conservative students didn’t like, was it not appropriate for the students in question to exercise their right to free speech and show the gays how inappropriate their behavior was? No, they were told by the parents of those gay kids that it was “hurtful.” Never mind that the entire notion of a gay lifestyle is abhorrent to God. So, what are you going to do when God decides your kids won’t make it into the Kingdom because of their lifestyle? Are you going to call God “hurtful?” Hope you like the taste of lightning bolts.

Okay, on to the next story, where a 13 year old kid in California who flies an American flag on his bike in honor of his grandpa was told – just in time for Veterans Day, mind you – that he couldn’t do it any more. Told by the school, no less, because they were afraid it would cause “racial tensions” in the school. Really? You mean to tell me that flying the American flag causes “racial tensions?” You mean, among those who are in this country illegally to begin with and have no true allegiance to America or its flag? Thankfully, parents in that school district were up in arms and the school reversed its decision.

But let’s get something straight – the Left wants nothing more than the destruction of this country and all we believe in. And it starts with things like this – against the weakest of our citizenry, the children. (On a side note: Notice how the Left attacks women and children but won’t go after us guys? Could have something to do with them being cowards and all . . .) Standing up against this kind of foolishness, every time it happens, will send a message to the Left that the only way they’re going to destroy our way of life is to do it with weaponry – and they won’t do that because they’re cowards.

They’re sneaky, though. They work through hearts and minds. A lot of people in this country still get their news from the alphabet networks, although that number is shrinking – and the “news” presented on those networks would have you beleive that gays are being bullied and are committing suicide at an increasing rate; that conservatives are equal to the backwoods militia members (and Ted Kascynski, although the Unabomber was a leftist loon) and are nothing more than knuckle-dragging, gun-owning, moonshine-swilling, illiterate inbred hicks. And those who only get their news from the alphabets believe it. Until the news media is held to higher journalistic standards (like, just present the facts and we’ll make up our own minds), the left will continue its push to destroy this country almost unabated.

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