Scattershooting in the Blackie Sherrod style

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November 10, 2010 by falcon7204

A word of explanation first: Blackie Sherrod was a sportswriter and columnist for the old Dallas Times Herald newspaper, who moved over to the Dallas Morning News when the Herald went belly-up. Every once in a while, he’d lump a bunch of topics into one column, starting it off with, “Scattershooting while wondering whatever happened to…”

I’ve got a bunch of things to talk about, so I guess I’ll bring out the old scattergun.

First, the ballot proposition in Oklahoma prohibiting the use of Sharia law in state courts. The voters overwhelmingly approved this measure, but it was later struck down by a Federal judge, after a lawsuit to stop it was filed by the Council for American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). The plaintiff in the lawsuit allegedly flew in from Georgia to file the suit. So, how does that give him standing in Oklahoma? That aside, this again points up the fact that judges, more often than not, wind up making the law as opposed to interpreting it. This is exactly like the California constitutional amendment prohibiting gay marriage that was struck down by a Federal appeals court judge (who is gay), even though the majority of the citizens who voted approved the amendment. As long as activist judges decide to rule by fiat, there will be no accountability in government, and we will have the closest thing to tyranny there is (we already do, in many instances). This also points up the inherent problem with electing state judges versus appointing Federal judges. All judges should be elected, and thus subject to the will of the people. Until this happens, it won’t matter who we put in Washington or our state capitals to represent us. Write your Congressman and your Senator and demand they introduce legislation to require all judges to be elected. The Islamists will continue to play our judicial system against us until we wake up one day and fail to recognize the country in which we live.

Having said that, the media coverage afforded this issue (or lack of same) is appalling, and I find myself again disgusted at the lame-stream media – at a time when I thought I couldn’t be any more disgusted. The media and those who inhabit it have sunk to new lows since after the Nov. 2 election, parroting messages that denigrate the Republicans, the TEA Party, and conservatives in general. New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg went so far as to say that the new crop of Republican representatives elected to Congress “can’t read.” The left and its echo chamber are in full barking moonbat mode (and if I find who coined that phrase I want to thank them personally), and those who still blindly get their news from the alphabet networks will find themselves believing, if they’re not careful, that conservatives are “extreme” individuals who want nothing better than to kill those who don’t agree with them.

There is precedent for that, but it was a leftist organization. You might remember them – the German National Socialist Party, better known as the Nazis. The modern-day left attempts to demonize conservatives by projecting left-wing behaviors onto them, and until the old-guard media is neutered once and for all this will continue.

Next point: I hate Daylight Savings Time. Actually, I don’t hate it specifically, but I hate when it ends, because the sun is right in my face when I drive home from work in the evening. And it’s pitch black a half-hour later. Benjamin Franklin was the one who originally came up with the idea of DST, and thankfully saner heads prevailed back then; too bad they don’t now. Maybe Arizona and Hawaii have the right idea when it comes to not observing it. It’s bad enough going to Hawaii and being four hours behind everyone else on the mainland (five if they’re in the Eastern time zone); it’s worse when the mainland observes DST and now you’re five or six hours behind, and their workday is nearly done before yours gets started. Oh well, that’s what the beach is for.

And finally, while waiting for the Texas Rangers free-agent dramas to play out before spring training (oh, did you hear Jeff Francouer refused a minor-league assignment and is now a free agent? Might make it cheaper to sign him), does anybody actually believe that Jason Garrett can turn the Cowboys around? Let’s face it, this season is now an eight-week training camp for next year, and Garrett himself is auditioning for a job. In an article in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram this morning, columnist Gil LeBreton opined that, in order for the Cowboys to improve at all, they need a real general manager, not Jerry Jones pretending to be one. And they only way that change might come about is if people stop going to the games. Hit him in the pocketbook, LeBreton wrote, and then maybe Jerry will get the idea.

Sorry, Gil, but I think Jerry’s too far caught up in his own ego to let even that sway him. This is his toy, and he’s not going to let anyone else play with it. Add to that his new Cowboys Majal, and Jerry thinks he owns the world.

Hate to break it to you, Jerry, but Chuck and Nolan down the road have a better toy, all red, white, and blue, and it finally works. Not like your old broken-down thing. But hey, maybe Jon Daniels can give you tips on being a better general manager. He’s only, what, forty years younger than you?

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