As expected, the tsunami has arrived

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November 3, 2010 by falcon7204

Last night (Nov. 2) was election night across the country, and as expected the Republican Party made significant gains in the House of Representatives, taking a clear majority and kicking Nancy Pelosi out of the speaker’s chair (although she did win re-election in her local district of San Francisco – what are those Californians smoking, anyway?). While President Obama didn’t admit it in a post-election press conference this afternoon, many see this election as a repudiation (refudiation? Thanks for the new word, Sarah Palin) of Obama’s policies and agenda over the last two years.

The GOP didn’t quite retake the Senate, but they did evaporate the Democrat Party’s filibuster-proof majority. And the biggest upshot of all this is that the TEA Party movement got noticed in a big way. Kentucky Senator-elect Rand Paul is evidence of that, having won his race last night.

Locally, the ballot here was very interesting. Many of the local races (mostly district and county judgeships) were uncontested, making it tempting to vote straight Republican and only filling in one box. But there’s a symbolic gesture in filling out the boxes for every candidate you want to vote for. And that’s what I did.

Our state representative (a Democrat) was locked in a tight battle with his Republican challenger, whom I voted for, as late as this afternoon (although it appears the Republican challenger finally won his election bid). The Republican had been our state representative until two years ago, when the new guy was elected on the coat-tails of Obama. But his campaign ads accused the Republican of everything short of eating babies, and it was disgusting to see the lengths to which he would go to retain his seat. One ad accused his GOP challenger of favoring an increase in the state sales tax – but conveniently left out the fact that the GOP candidate also favored abolishing property taxes.

That type of lie was on display across the nation as Democrats tried in vain to hang on to their elected positions. I, for one, am glad they didn’t win. Now, though, comes the hard part – the GOP had best live up to our expectations, otherwise there’ll be another tsunami in two years, and this one will wash both parties out of power. So, GOP, let’s see whatcha got.

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