Catching up from a wild ride

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November 2, 2010 by falcon7204

Well, the Texas Rangers lost the World Series four games to one. Congratulations to the San Francisco Giants, and hopes that the Rangers can repeat as AL champs next year (they have about eight free agents that they need to make a decision about, plus there are some names out there that might be good fits for the team). But the baseball season is over, and it’ll be a long three and a half months until spring training (especially if you’re a Cowboys fan).

Now, trying to catch up with everything else that’s going on, did you know today is Election Day? Just kidding – of course you did. You must, because of all the nasty attack ads, left-wing media bloviators talking about how the reason the Democrat agenda isn’t working is because “we didn’t communicate it well enough” (just how do you dress up a crap sandwich, anyway?), Nancy Pelosi claiming the Democrats would retain their majority in the House (and I’d like to know exactly what variety of wacky weed she’s smoking), and the President talking about “punishing (their) enemies.”

Politics makes me sick. But you have to pay attention to this sort of thing, so you know what to do. And everyone has a role to play in this year’s election. This is the year in which we either bring our Republic back toward Constitutional principles, or we hurtle headlong into the abyss of Socialism. And I’m on the side of the Republic.

But there has been so much mis-communication on both sides that it’s almost impossible to know what the issues are, where the participants truly stand (our local state Legislator race had the Democrat accusing the Republican of everything but eating babies), or even which party they represent (the Democrats, in many cases, have been conveniently un-identified, while the Republicans have been clearly ID’d as conservatives – like that’s a bad thing).

In order to make an informed choice at the ballot box, you have to dig deep behind the spin, the name-calling, and the flat-out lies and determine for yourself what the truth is. And then act on it. If you know the truth and you do nothing, you’re worse than those who act without any knowledge. This election is too important for folks to sit on the sidelines. It’s late in the day in the East and middle of the country, but if you should happen to stumble upon this note and you haven’t voted yet, go vote! I don’t care whether you vote D or R, you need to vote – and hopefully you’ll cast informed votes, and not votes shaped by the echo chambers on both sides of the political aisle.

And once this gets done, we can get back to less important things, like whether the Rangers will sign Cliff Lee to a long-term contract and keep him away from the Yankees.

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