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October 20, 2010 by falcon7204

I felt pretty certain the Rangers wouldn’t sweep the Yankees at Yankee Stadium. I was disappointed it was C. J. Wilson that let the wheels fall off, but more disappointed that the offense didn’t chip back more than they did. They showed they were capable of it Tuesday night. But all this means is that the series comes back to Arlington for game 6, and with Colby Lewis on the mound it’s entirely possible they could wrap it up Friday night.

But there is a different demeanor to this team, and a different tenor to this series, ever since the Rangers got that trio of monkeys off their collective backs (never having won a postseason series, never having won a postseason game at home, having lost to the Yankees 10 straight games). This Rangers team believes it can get the job done, today’s hiccup notwithstanding. And their fans are starting to believe it, too. There are still plenty of naysayers out there who believe the team will implode between now and Saturday night (game 7), but there are more believers than not. A recent ESPN SportSNation poll showed that over 40% of respondents said they wanted the Rangers to win the World Series, well more than the other three teams. The Rangers are becoming media darlings, with one writer (Jim Caple) saying “It’s time for the Rangers” (no doubt playing off of their marketing slogan).

There are some pretty high expectations for a team that has never been where they are right now, but oddly enough they believe they can do it. And thanks to their recent success, more and more people are starting to believe it, too.

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