It’s a brand new series

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October 17, 2010 by falcon7204

C. J. Wilson said in a Twitter post last night that the ALCS is now a five-game series, and Cliff Lee is pitching Game 1. That meme was picked up by the local media in a positive way, because Lee has been such a horse in the postseason and has done well for the Rangers down the stretch. That’s probably the best way to look at things right now, because the Rangers truly need to take two out of three in the Bronx to have a chance of keeping this series from going seven games. On the plus side, if it did go 7, Lee would be back on the mound. On the minus side, the pressure would be on the Rangers as they would have to win game 7 at home, after (presumably) having dropped game 6 in front of the home crowd.

So it would be better for Lee to win game 3, and Wilson to win game 5 (assuming the pitching rotation shakes out that way), then come back home and let Colby Lewis pick up where he left off in game 2 and win game 6 in front of the home fans.

Chances that that would actually happen? What are the chances that the Rangers would still have their manager after he admitted to cocaine use in the off-season, then go through a sales process that involved a back-stabbing owner (Hicks), an auction process, bankruptcy proceedings, and Mark Cuban? To paraphrase Jim Mora, “Chances? Don’t talk to me about chances!” Hey, the Rangers have made it this far, so who’s to say they can’t go all the way? “It’s time!”

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