Okay, it’s only game 1…

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October 15, 2010 by falcon7204

…but I’m not feeling good about this. The Rangers had a 5-1 lead going to the top of the 8th and gave up five runs in the 8th, thanks to a shaky bullpen. Five pitchers in that inning – Oliver, O’Day, Rapada, and Holland, in addition to the starter C. J. Wilson. Holland was the only one to get an out in that inning, and he got all three. In the meantime, Oliver walked two, O’Day gave up two runs, Rapada gave up two runs and Holland gave up a run. Even with all that, the Rangers still had a chance in the 9th against Mariano Rivera, but game 1 was not to be. Now they go to game 2, and they need Colby Lewis to step up and gain a split before they go to New York, otherwise Cliff Lee will be pitching from an 0-2 deficit, and he may simply be postponing the inevitable.

The plus here is that, at least according to an ESPN SportsNation poll (as reported in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram by Randy Galloway), most of the nation is pulling for the Rangers to win the World Series (40%). Too bad that doesn’t lead to runs on the scoreboard.

As Han Solo once said, I have a bad feeling about this. The Rangers are now 1-10 against the Yankees in the postseason, and I doubt any other team has such a record of futility against a single team.

One thing I’d do if I was Ron Washington is stress to Colby Lewis how important it is to pitch a complete game, or at least go eight innings and hand the ball to Neftali Feliz with a lead. The rest of the bullpen, which was good during the regular season, ain’t so good during the playoffs (as was illustrated painfully during game 3 of the Tampa Bay series and again tonight in the 8th inning). And I’m not so sure about Feliz after he gave up the homer in game 4 of the ALDS.

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